High class swing barrier used in hotel

    The specific application area of access control turnstile includes subway station,  high-speed rail station.  BRT  station,  light rail station,  streetcar station,  pier,  immigration checkpoint,  tourist attractions, business building,  school,  supermarket,  shopping mall,  hotel,  upscale club,  bank and financial institutions, library,  park,  playground,  upscale community,  government building,  enterprises door,  workshop,  building walkways, cinema, museum, hospital and so on.

    WEJOIN  access control turnstile is an innovative and leading brand,  leading high-end pedestrian access,  and sharing the responsibility for global security with you.  WEJOIN  technology proposes the concept of global security, not only can it manage and control the pedestrian order and bypass flow but also can combine with the security system of airport,  subway,  station.  When the suspicious person takes the items threatening to personal safety,  it will alarm and stop the passing,  achieves a separate review, and effectively protects the personal safety of the security staff.

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